Members of the Project

Project Investigators

  • Dominic Orchard, University of Kent, website
  • Harley Eades III, Augusta University, website
  • Vineet Rajani, University of Kent, website

Post docs

  • Michael Vollmer, University of Kent, website

Research assistants

  • Tori Vollmer, University of Kent

PhD Students

  • Vilem-Benjamin Liepelt, University of Kent, website
  • Aubrey Bryant, Augusta University
  • Jack Hughes, University of Kent
  • Ben Moon, University of Kent, website
  • Daniel Marshall, University of Kent, website

Former student projects

  • (2019/20) Pattern Matching Modulo Theories, Declan Barnes, University of Kent
  • (2019/20) Type-level case for lightweight dependent types in Granule, James Dyer, University of Kent
  • (2019/20) Exceptions in a linear functional language with graded modal types, Rowan Smith, University of Kent
  • (2018/19) Compiling Granule to LLVM, Ed Brown, University of Kent
  • (2018/19) Type classes in a Linear Functional Language, Ben Moon, University of Kent
  • (2018/19) An interactive REPL for Granule, Preston Keel, Augusta University
  • (2017/18) (G)ADTs in a Linear Language with Graded Modal Types, Vilem-Benjamin Liepelt, University of Kent