Talks (videos)

Some videos of talks we have given about our work in various different venues.

Huawei Programming Language Technology Salon | Issue 14: Graded (Modal) Types for Fine-grained Program Reasoning (Dominic Orchard, May 2022)

Interview for the 47 Degrees “Immutable Conversations” podcast (Dominic Orchard, June 2021)

ESOP 2021 - Graded Modal Dependent Type Theory

End of the 2020 review (Dominic Orchard)

MSFP 2020 - Unifying graded and parameterised monads

TyDe 2020 workshop (online) “Towards Graded Modal Type Theory” (Benjamin Moon)

[podcast] The Typechecker Ep. 2: Granule (feat. Dr. Dominic Orchard)

CodeMesh London 2019 (Dominic Orchard)

ICFP 2019, Berlin (Vilem-Benjamin Liepelt)

TypeLevel Summit, Lausanne 2019 (Vilem-Benjamin Liepelt)